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Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens

Développeur Games Faction Ltd
2 usd

The Zombien menace has, mostly unintentionally, descended upon the Rooster Teeth studio. Its up to you and the RT cast members to survive their onslaught.After an Unidentified Flying Object becomes an Identified Grounded Object (its a space ship) right in the heart of the Rooster Teeth studio, legions of zombie aliens (Zombiens) start coming out of the woodwork and get all hostile up in the studio. Its up to you, as one of six playable characters, to find and team up with the Rooster Teeth cast members to survive what will one day be known as the Rise of the Zombiens. For as long as possible, at least.
In this action/strategy game, you will have to survive in the studio amidst a variety of randomized circumstances: random supporting party members (chosen from eight Rooster Teeth cast members in the game, each with their own unique VO), random weapons, random zombien waves, random crafting materials, and more. You never know what youre going to get when you set foot in the studio, but youre going to have to make the best of what youre given.
To survive, youre going to have to get weapons from Weapon Dispensers, build traps, construct defenses, and stay on the move so the Zombiens dont corner you and devour your innards.
Features8 Different Rooster Teeth Cast Members, totaling over a thousand lines of unique VO.25 Different Weapons.10 Different Traps that you can construct to prolong your life.Randomized level contents: weapons, materials, pickups, enemies, allies, and more. Youll never play the same game twice. Daily Challenge lets you play the exact same level as everyone else for a chance at the top leaderboard position for the day.